ACFIC Unveils China Top 500 Private Enterprises

Date:2017-08-25 00:00:00

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, Suning Holdings Group Co., Ltd and Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group Co., Ltd led the rankings of China Top 500 Private Enterprises 2017 with business revenues of 521.574 billion yuan, 412.95073 billion yuan and 373.18332 billion yuan respectively, according to the list unveiled by ACFIC at a press conference in Jinan of East China’s Shandong Province on August 24.

The three frontrunners of China Top 500 Private Enterprises of Manufacturing Industry 2017 are the Guangdong-based ICT solutions provider Huawei, textile producer Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering, the Guangdong-based Amer International Group which manufactures new metallic and non–metallic materials.

Retail giant Suning Holdings Group Co., Ltd, Hainan Airlines and CEFC China Energy Co., Ltd of energy and financial services took the top three spots on the China Top 500 Private Enterprises of the Service Industry list, with the latter two registering a business revenue of 352.33153 billion yuan and 290.94988 billion yuan respectively.

The ACFIC Analysis Report shows the entry bar this year has been raised a big notch over previous years and mega-scale enterprises are making leaping growth with steady improvement of corporate quality and efficiency, consistent social contribution, continuous optimization of industrial structure, stepped-up moves of going-global, significant increase of export volume, and a continuing sound development momentum.

Top 500 private enterprises have given a strong response to the state call for de-overcapacity, de-inventory and de-leveraging, taken part in the state development strategy in a proactive manner, participated in the integrated civilian-military development with enthusiasm, shown increasing eagerness in the mixed ownership reform and the PPP projects investment, built up their proprietary innovation ability, stepped up the integration between traditional sectors with the Internet, and consistently strengthened their study and application of and abidance by the law.

Several senior executives of the Top 500 Private Enterprises delivered keynote speeches on practicing new development concepts and propelling the old-to-new impetus switch.

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