Xu Lejiang Visits CICCPS

Date:2017-08-25 00:00:00

ACFIC CPC Secretary Xu Lejiang expressed hope that the China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector will expand, deepen and intensify its work on Belt and Road construction and international collaboration, which has already led to cooperative agreements with 64 countries along the land and maritime trade routes.

During his visit to the Beijing-based CICCPS, Xu also said that ACFIC will fully avail CICCPS’ international cooperation service platforms in its own work and support CICCPS’ efforts to build the alliance of Chambers of Commerce of B&R countries by bolstering the alliance of COCs of domestic hub cities and taking in as ACFIC’s group members the international collaboration COCs in various locations.  

He urged COCs to tighten professional human resources construction and training programs. He said ACFIC will explore the ways and methods to support COCs, including purchase of COC services and COCs' research on enterprises’ going global.

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