Military-Civilian Integration Leading Group Holds 1st Meeting

Date:2017-08-11 00:00:00

ACFIC CPC Secretary Xu Lejiang said that private enterprises are an emerging force in achievement of China’s armament construction, innovation and advancement and a strong force in its national defense technology industry development at the first meeting of the ACFIC Leading Group of Integrated Military-Civilian Development on August 9.

Private enterprises, with their patriotic passions to serve the country, have the capability and strength to play a greater role in in-depth integrated development of the military and civilian sectors due to their systemic, innovative and efficiency advantages acquired through fierce market competition for many years, said the Leading Group Chairman.

“Private Enterprises are indispensable in the civilian sector’s participation in the military sector as well as the military sector’s transition and transfer to the civilian sector,” he stressed.

Federations of Industry and Commerce must shoulder the responsibility of offering better guidance and service to the orderly participation by private enterprises in integrated civilian and military development, to meet the demand of the times, and the eager and sincere expectations of the CPC, the government and private enterprises.  

 He called for resource integration and synergy creation on the platforms of Chambers of Commerce and Federations of Industry and Commerce and the construction of military-civilian integration COCs in particular areas.

He also stressed the significance of in-depth research on the general situation, advantages, characteristics, problems and difficulties of private enterprises’ participation in integrated civilian and military development to prepare for the introduction of the Guiding Principles on FICs’ Service for Integrated Military and Civilian Development. The ACFIC Technological Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce should also make plans for the next five years, accordingly.

Other members of the Leading Group, including Vice Chairmen Fan Youshan and Huang Rong attended the meeting.  

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