CPC Central Committee Holds Economic Symposium with Non-CPC Circles

Date:2017-07-26 00:00:00

Democratic parties, ACFIC and non-partisan figures presented over 80 research reports and proposals to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in the first six months, supplying significant support to top-level policy making and implementation, especially concerning Belt and Road construction and real economy revitalization, said General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping at an economic symposium in Zhongnanhai on July 21.

Xi expressed his hope for the democratic parties, ACFIC and non-partisan figures to, firstly, fortify the political consensus of safeguarding CPC leadership, sticking to the path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and guiding and rallying their own circles in objective analysis of development difficulties and problems; secondly, tap their respective edge, accurately feel the pulse of economic development, and make informed advice on major national strategies and plans based on practice and research; and thirdly, rally all forces that can be rallied and mobilize all positive factors and resources for the construction of a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.   

Following Premier Li Keqiang’s briefing on the country’s economic situations in the first half of 2017 and the central leadership’s considerations for economic work for the remainder of the year, top leaders of the eight non-CPC parties, ACFIC and non-partisan figures expressed agreement with the analysis and considerations, and offered proposals and views on a number of subjects, including propelling the Belt and Road construction, prevention of and resolution to local governments’ debt risks, financial and fiscal risk control, intensification of market openness and optimization of business environment, boosting the policy effect of replacing business tax with value added tax, improvement of operational efficiency of the logistics sector, enhancement of effective supply of human resources, improvement of the medical insurance management mechanism, buildup of early-development advantage of technological innovation, and advancement of sustainable growth of new energy.

Xi stressed that the Chinese economy maintained a steady momentum toward sound progress amid intensifying structural adjustment in the first half of the year, with major indices exceeding expectations, enhanced stability of macro economy and sustained improvement of people’s life.

He noted that while substantive changes in the relationship of economic supply and demand are taking place, corporate expectations and market confidence are turning positive and economic growth impetus are gathering force, giving a significant push to global economic recovery. More importantly, new development concepts are being accepted and government and corporate conducts are changing.

He stressed the importance of unwaveringly carrying out the supply-side structural reform, properly easing and removing major risks and potential hazards, and seeking progress on the premise of overall economic stability.

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